Michelob Light Beer - 6 PK

Michelob Brewing Co. Michelob Light®. Beer. Premium light lager. American light lager brewed with a blend of Hallertau, Strissel spelt and other hop varieties. St. Louis, Missouri. Our full-flavored light large features a malty sweetness and aromatic hop profile. 6 12 fl oz bottles. Its rich taste and sessionability are the signatures of this award winning light lager. Michelob Light is a full flavored light beer that boasts a unique blend of imported hops combined with a special blend of malt to create our award winning taste. Michelob Light is distinguished by its beautiful golden color, clean malty taste and nice hop finish. © 2011 Michelob Brewing Co. Questions/comments call 1-800-MICHELOB (1-888-542-4356). www.michelob.com. 4.1% alc/vol. Per 12 fl oz. Average analysis: calories, 112 carbohydrates 8.9g protein, 1.2g fat, 0.0g.