Carbona® Oxy Powered Pet Stain & Odor Remover 22 fl. oz. Bottle

Carbona® 2 in 1 combines an oxy-powered formula and built in scrub brush to remove tough pet stains and odors such as feces, urine, vomit, and mud spots from carpets, area rugs, and fabrics. Our proprietary Active Foam™ Technology penetrates and dissolves stains and odors leaving carpets clean and fresh. Active Foam™ TechnologyOur Active Foam™ Technology is engineered to actively target and penetrate specific stains. Combined with our patented brush-top applicator, Carbona® 2 in 1 gets right in. get stains right out. The Carbona® PromiseYou have the right to know what's inside the products you purchase. Carbona® is one of the first brands in the household products industry that will clearly print the ingredients on each package. With Active Foam™ Technology Permanently Removes Stains So They Won't Reappear Neutralizes Odors to Discourage Pet Resoiling