Jones Cane Sugar Soda FuFu Berry Soda - 4 CT

Jones™ Cane Sugar Soda FuFu Berry Soda. Your photo, your soda, your brand. With natural & artificial flavors. ©2014 Jones Soda Company. Pure cane soda. Sweet ways to make this box useful...The photo postcard. Great ways to reduce, reuse, & recycle! Whether it's a pen pal or a letter home to mom, odds are they are pretty bored with that run of the mill college rule paper. Nothing shows you care more than a Jones photo postcard. Cut out the photo from the front of the box and jot down the message on the back. Oh, don't forget to recycle the remaining material. Can't find a way to use it Find a way to recycle it! Let's hook up! Drink Jones. Get gear. Redeem your caps at To customize your own Jones bottles visit My Jones®. At Jones, we use recycled materials whenever we can, and we even recycle the recycled stuff. We switch out old bulbs with those super-efficient curly fry fluorescents, we bike to work, and we compost our leftovers. Please take whatever steps you can to help reduce our carbon footprint. We do our part in Seattle, tell us how you contribute in your area. Jones Soda Co™. Chris from Moore. The Jones Family. Independent since '96. If you're like us, you think for yourself. Come they really believe we'll fall for flashy ad campaigns that cost more than a solid gold private jet Don't expect to find any of that here - we let what we do speak for itself. At Jones, we're just regular people who make good soda. While we can't promise you more popularity or better hair, if we like your photo, we'll put it on a bottle. Jones Soda, independent since 1996. Your photo. Your soda. Your brand. Send us your photo. If we like it we will put it on our label! Bottled under the authority of Jones Soda Co. From everyone at Jones Soda, thanks for your support. You see, we're people just like you. (Except for Kim, she's weird). Create your own Jones at My Jones.