Blk Water, Mineral Infused, Alkaline Fulvic Trace

Blk. is giving back. Generation rescue. Hope for recovery. blk. (bee. el. kay.) Fresh water taste. Maximum benefits. More than 1 million individuals are affected by autism in the United States. Generation Rescue is changing the lives of families through advocacy, research, treatment, and hope. Throughout 2013, blk. will donate a portion of every bottle sold in an effort to further assist this great organization improve the quality of life for those affected by autism. We encourage you to visit to learn more about our initiative and how you can participate. blk. combines natural spring water with our proprietary fulvic trace mineral complex, delivering electrolytes, trace minerals, and a pH of 8. Feel the difference and discover why so many choose blk to help them defy expectations. (pH measured at source. May vary over time.) Water quality and information may be found at: 0 carbs; 0 calories; 0 sugar; 0 caffeine. Bottled at source by Langlade Springs LLC, Polar, WI 54418. Please recycle. Product of USA.