La Choy Chicken Teriyaki Dark Meat and Sauce with Asian Style Vegetables

La Choy® Chicken Teriyaki With Dark Meat and Sauce With Asian-Style Vegetables. Inspected for wholesomeness by U.S. Department of Agriculture. Inspired by traditional Asian cuisine. Est. 1922. La Choy® has created authentic and easy to prepare Asian-style foods for over 80 years. Our flavorful sauces, traditional vegetables, crunchy noodles and complete meals are a convenient and delicious way to add variety to your everyday meals. Let us show you how at La Choy® chicken teriyaki with dark meat and sauce combines Asian-style vegetables and tender cuts of chicken in our own rich teriyaki sauce. The chicken and teriyaki sauce are packed separately from the vegetables to keep the vegetables their crispiest. For a delicious, quick and easy meal in minutes, just heat and enjoy! For authentic, delicious and easy Asian recipes, please visit us at Questions and comments Please contact us at La Choy consumer affairs, 1-800-252-0672.