Essential Everyday Parchment Paper, 30 Sq Ft

24 feet x 15 inches. Compare to Reynolds Parchment Paper (Reynolds is a registered trademark of Alcoa Inc. This product is not manufactured or made under the authorization of Alcoa Inc. or one of its subsidiaries.). Real savings, highest quality, every day. Great products at a price you'll love - that's Essential Everyday. Our goal is to provide the products your family wants, at a substantial savings versus comparable brands. We're so confident that you'll love Essential Everyday, we stand behind our products with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Waterproof. Greaseproof. Can be used in a conventional oven up to 400 degrees F, freezer or microwave oven. Line pans and cookie sheets with parchment paper for non-stick baking. Quick cleanup - no need to grease pans! Non-stick surface for all your baking needs! If you're not completely satisfied with this product, please contact us at