Delallo Pappardelle Imported Italian Egg Pasta

Delallo Pappardelle Imported Italian Egg Pasta. Since 1950. Made in Italy. Made with 6 eggs. Cook 7 min. Made with bronze plates. Six individual nests. Traditional egg pasta. A Northern Italian classic, our gloriously golden pasta nests are made with only the finest durum wheat, farm-fresh eggs and cool spring water. The same high-quality, durum wheat semolina that we use for our traditional pasta line, is also used in our premium egg pasta. While pasta is created of only a few, simple ingredients, it takes a careful ratio to produce superior egg pasta with ideal texture and flavor. Our pasta is made with 28% egg (or 6 eggs per kilo), and produced in Ferrara, Italy-a city of Emilia-Romagna, where egg pasta was born. Lavish your pasta. Egg pasta is notorious for being its own occasion as a hearty meal. For this reason, we suggest robust sauces that will accent its rich and delicious presence on your plate. Partner Delallo traditional egg pasta with a classic Bolognese sauce, a ragu of braised pork or a fresh mushroom cream sauce. Make any night a reason to celebrate your family and friends with a grand Northern Italian dish.