Yesterdays News Cat Litter, Fresh Scent

Softer texture. Used by veterinarians. Clean: 99.7% Dust free & low tracking. Tough on odors. Equals to 20 lbs clay litter by volume. Your pet, our passion. At Purina we're unconditionally devoted to pets. We've dedicated over 75 years to developing the high-quality products that satisfy the needs of dogs and cats. What's Yesterday's News? The proof is in the paper. Super Absorbent: Absorbs 3 x more moisture than clay litter (by volume compared to clay). Outstanding Odor Control: Powerful odor-blocking pellets control tough odors. 99.7% Dust Free: Contributes to a healthy environment for you and your cat. Used by Veterinarians: More than 50% of veterinarians use Yesterday's News in their clinics. Cat Accepted: Soft pellets are easy on paws and are designed for low tracking outside the litter box. Gentle on the Environment: Made from recycled newspapers to help reduce landfill waste.