Riceland Extra Long Grain Rice

Riceland® Extra Long Grain Enriched Rice. Jalapeno chicken & black beans. Easy recipe on back of box. The U.S. department of agriculture's dietary guidelines place great emphasis on the importance of grain products as a foundation for a well balanced diet. They recommend 6 to 11 servings daily of grain, like rice, and foods made from grain. Riceland rice is the perfect way to satisfy your daily nutritional needs. One of nature's most versatile foods, it's as delicious for dessert as it is for dinner. For more quick and easy rice dish recipes go to http://www.riceland.com. Riceland®. When writing to us regarding this product, please include the code date panel on side of box with your correspondence to: Riceland Foods, Inc., Consumer Center, P.O. Box 2636, Houston, TX 77252.