Platinum Sourdough, Instant

Superior baking yeast. Yeast + Sourdough culture. Make real sourdough without a starter. A breakthrough for bread lovers! The flavor of an authentic sourdough culture - with the convenience of yeast. No more finicky starters! Platinum Instant Sourdough adds a real sourdough culture - and real sourdough flavor - to any yeast bread. Use it in any recipe that calls for yeast. Simply substitute this package for one 1/4 ounce packet of Red Star yeast. Rise Against Hunger: Rise Against Hunger aims to end global hunger by providing food and aid to families in need. Your purchase of this product helps us provide 200,000 meals annually. Questions or comments? Call (800) 445-4746. Visit for information and recipes. Facebook. Pinterest. Instagram. Twitter. YouTube. Product of USA.